It’s Mint To Be


Blouse ($69) and skirt ($88) combo from Kensie.

In case you didn’t know already, mint is one of—if not the hottest colors for spring.  As our favorite mint pieces–that we hand selected at our last buying trip in NYC—come pouring through the doors at Park & Madison Boutique, we find ourselves jumping up and down clapping like a child that just won the candy lottery.   We are officially obsessed with the pastel color, so no need to run to Bloomy’s or Nordy’s to get your mint fix this spring, we’ve got you covered!


Ella Moss Blouse $138 (also availabe in black or red w/cream piping)


I love the way mint softens up an outfit and reeks just a little of old school.  The color reminds me a bit of a beachcomber bicycle from back in the day.  So throw on a mint blouse with some light grey denim crops or white capri’s and make a color statement.  Or go bolder with a pair of mint skinnies or a mint lace skirt like the one shown above and pair it back with a cream top that has a subtle hint of mint if you like.   

If for some crazy reason you don’t think you can pull off mint for your skin tone, then accessorize with something cool like this Big Buddha Bag that has a touch of mint in it!  Loooove it!  All these fabulous pieces are on the floor right now at Park & Madison boutique.


$Big Buddha Bag $95

 xoxo — Shannon


P.S.  If you can’t find a product on or website products can be purchased by calling 304-381-2411 or inboxing our facebook page parkandmadison. 

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