Sizzle This Summer, You Sexy Beast

Bring On The Heat:  We’ve got your summer styles in the bag!

It’s officially summer, and it’s hot! Which means you need to look hot with the greatest summer essentials.  Since the season is loaded with travel and trips to the beach, I like to choose fabrics that travel well and are versatile from daywear to going out.  Plus, you get twice the bang for your buck!

For the beach, Young Fabulous & Broke is truly the hottest line ever! With amazing maxis, great mini dresses and the best flowy pants ever,  the Sierra, YFB has every base covered to keep all eyes on you!!

If you haven’t heard of Bailey44, oh girl, you are so missing out!  I fell in flust (fabric lust) the first time I put a piece of Bailey44 on.  Nothing can compare, NOTHING!  This is a must in every women’s wardrobe. You will be hooked once you slip the soft, easy-wearing fabric over your body. Ruthie Bailey’s one-piece dresses are beyond genius.  We can’t keep her line in stock!

Don’t forget to adorn your pretty little head with a great wide-brimmed hat and a big pair of shades! Great to accessorize those summer dresses and protect your face from the sun!

Shove all your healthy beach snacks into one of our Betsey Johnson bags, throw on a pair of blinged out flip flops and you’re off to sink your toes in the sand and have some fun in the sun.

Oh! And dont forget your swimsuit, that is unless your headed off to a nude beach in the Meditteranean.

That’s me in the middle, rockin’ the cowgirl hat.

Surf’s Up, Shannon

About Jet_Set_Fashion

I'm a entrapeneur, working-mom, fashionista, health freak and go-to-girl. I tell it like it is. I blog about family life, diet and exercise, traveling and fashion while raising a beautiful family and learning to laugh at the many twists and turns my daily life gives birth to....I'm also turning 40 nine months from today... let's see how this journey goes.

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